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Monday, April 14, 2014

Student’s Sex With Teacher

I am a College Lecturer in Maths in a reputed private university. I do take tuition also for the weak students. Many young girls are my students and I am quite popular. The girls like me and do not hesitate to meet me anytime even when alone. I test every good looking girl by touching her at soft places and if the response is positive or neutral, I go a bit beyond just feeling their body. I have kissed and squeezed many many girls. I want to share one of the experiences with one of the College senior girl who was very smart and attractive. However she was not good at studies especially maths.

It was her second year and by that time I was confident by my advances towards her that she did not mind my bit feeling and playing with her lovely soft body. On her birthday in fact I cornered her in an isolate place and kissed her for several minutes without fear and gathered courage to squeeze her lovely soft full breasts. She only squirmed a bit and feebly resisted making me more and more bold. I tried but could not enter her blouse as it was too tight leaving very little scope for intrusion. I was surprised that after that small molestation bid , she actually thanked me for my Birthday Wishes and the Present I got her instead of being rude or abusive. I was surprised at my own courage and from that day on wards I kept dreaming of having more and more of her though it seemed she hardly had any special feelings for me.

From that day on wards I took her for granted and at the filmiest excuse on finding her alone, I would catch her, kiss her, squeeze her smooth buttocks, grab her lovely curvy breasts and only then let her go. Gradually my such behavior became acceptable to her. In an pretense of lifting her sometimes I would feel inside her skirt and brush her vital parts.

Her weakness in Maths was a boon for me. And the moment which I was dreaming of came after the first semester exams, which count towards the final. While checking her answer sheet that she had failed along with some others. But before I finalised the mark sheet, I called her separately and informed her of the marks. Though she did not seem too worried but asked if I could help her and increase her marks. I told her that it was not possible since the marksheets are sent to another teacher for double check. She held me tight and kept pleading me for favour. Then an idea struck me. I told her that she can meet me privately and I will give her the answer sheet and dictate her some theorems which will give her enough marks to pass. In this way no one will have a doubt or proof. She readily agreed to come to my private apartment in the evening.
Only I know how nervous I was waiting for her rehearsing the whole plan in my mind again and again. Finally she knocked at around 7 PM and I intentionally delayed the opening to hide my impatience. I opened the door and was stunned to see such a breadth taking beauty standing in a smart bright yellow loose skirt and frilly white spotless blouse with a low neck. She was looking very cute in her civil get up. Her smooth silky thighs were a perfect shape and the buxom bosom with ample cleavage was something I could not take my eyes off. She was not at all disturbed by my popping eyes and barged in without any invitation from my side.
” You are looking gorgeous’ I said . Like many times before I took the liberty to take her in my arms and kiss her. She showed no resistance. As i came close to her, i could smell the intoxicating perfume which she wore perhaps for the first time.

“Sir, where is my Answer Sheet” she asked , coming straight to the point.
I took to the inner room where I had set up a chair and table. I sat on the chair and kept the Sheet on the table for her to do corrections with her own hand writing. She stood by my side and we started going about our business. She asked me the answers and I kept dictating her. After she became busy writing, I put my hand around her waist and slowly started feeling her rear. She was so soft and smooth, I could not take my hand off. She did not seem to mind . My hand roamed all over and then I started inching it inside her skirt. She just touched my palm to stop but it was impossible for me to stop now.

“Please sir!” she exclaimed mildly. But my adventure continued. After some moments, I pulled her on to my lap . A soft ‘No’ came out of her but she did not attempt to get up. She kept her attention on the next answer.

I just was too elated. I could not imagine my luck. Here I had one of the most beautiful and sexy in her prime youth in my lap. I started growing inside my shorts and wondered if she was able to feel it. I had already dictated her enough correct answers to pass and now her sensuous body could be invaded a bit. I slowly but firmly slipped my right hand into her blouse.

She pretended to be mildly shocked and tried to pull it out but I was not in a mood. She pleaded ” Please sir don’t”. It was so smooth there inside that my hand was slipping. ” I cannot concentrate ” she said in a trembling voice. I could see her eyes closed and whole body quivering. ” That much should give you enough to pass” I said and pulled her in my arms. My one hand was already inside her skirt trying to venture more and more inside and the other had pulled the breasts out of her cups. She coiled inside my lap with her face pressing against my chest.

Now that she had surrendered her body to me, I slowly and softly started undressing her. Her blouse was on a flimsy knot which came off in on tug and the cloth piece fell on my lap. She was still hiding her face all the time requesting me to stop. It took me a little more to unhook her bra and there I saw one of the most perfect pair of woman’s bosom. I could not take my hands off her full soft breasts. I kept playing with them and she kept moaning. The room was too bright so I switched off one light and then my hand proceeded towards her skirt. “Not below there sir,Please.Not below the waist. I will be ruined.”

” Trust me” I said ” I will not do anything which will harm you. Just relax and enjoy”

And by that time I had unbuckled her skirt which slipped down the moment I lifted her in my arms.Here now I had a completely naked girl in my full view. I was blessed. I started kissing and feeling every part of her nude body. I was ecstatic.

Finally I took her to my bedroom where I laid her and started to admire her nakedness. She rarely opened her eyes as if she had full faith in me that whatever I was doing could not me wrong or immoral.

Within no time I undressed myself and laid beside her and once again fondling every inch of her body. Then she shrieked when I put my lips on her nipples. I sucked hard and her nipples became red. She was panting now.

I suddenly started dominating now. I wanted to squeeze every pleasure out of her body. She had started following whatever I told her.I took her face between my palms and lifted her. As she looked at me, I showed her my Hard On Penis. She shied away. But I grabbed her from neck and pushed her head in my groin. She resisted as she knew what was in my mind. I then became brave and ordered her to get on her knees. She slowly obeyed. ” You look lovely without clothes on your knees”. I could see a tear rolling down her eyes but that did not melt me. I stood in front of her and indicated to my penis -” In your mouth”. ” Nooo” she shouted still on her knees.

But I once again pulled her by her hair and held her face against my penis. She kept moving her head from one side to another. That is when I pinched her behind the ear and she shrieked. With her mouth wide open, I slipped my half taught penis inside her mouth and pushed it till the end . With tears dropping , she was forced to suck my cock good. “Nice Girl, you must obey your teacher” I said with my eyes closed as I could not bear the extreme enjoyment of a buxom naked 21 year old girl being forced to suck your cock for real. I almost frothed in her mouth but held back. I slowly then pulled out the penis from her mouth with spit dripping out.

I had become wild by then and felt no mercy for her tears. She was now taking my orders like a slave does for his master. ” Come on now baby, I will dictate you the last answer here on bed side. Go get your answer sheet.” Very obediently she went and came back with her answer sheet. “OK, now keep the sheet on the bed and write the answer”.

As she bent down and got busy in writing what I dictated, I grabbed her loin and pushed my penis against her clean shaven opening. She dropped the pen immediately and shouted ” Sir , I am a virgin. Please have pity on me.” But her words got drowned as my penis started penetrating her tight vagina. It was tough and a bit painful initially but the pleasure later on was overwhelming , when I realised that I was fucking perhaps the most beautiful, cute gil of the college. After I came, we both fell exhausted and fell on the bed side by side.
It had become too late and her hostel gates would have closed so she was forced to sleep in my apartment with me. I did not let her wear anything till the morning and we made love once again early morning.

She finally left at 6AM but to my surprise she did not say any rude words to me before leaving. In fact we kept meeting each other as usual as if nothing had happened between us. But I get hard on whenever I think and recollect the events of that wonderful night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Neighbour Bhabhi

Hi…..I m John, aaj me apko meri sacchi kahani batane ja raha hu , jo appko itna uttejit kargi ki app muth marne ke liye / chut me ungli kare bina nahi reh sakenge…:-) i hope ki appko meri ye kahani pasand ayegi …
Abhi me engineerign ke last year me hu ye bat tab ki he jab me enginnering ke first year me tha…Me or mere uncle college city me rehne aye or rent pe rehte the…Us time hamare pados me ak couple rehta tha or usko ak ladki bhi thi karib 2 saal ki..Bhai job karta tha or bhabhi ghar pe rehti thi…Mere college ka time tha subah 7 se 1 tak…Aur em jab ghar phnchta that tb mere uncle job pe gaye hote the or pados vale bhai bhi job pe…Sam ko me bhar bethta tha or bhabhi bhi uski ladki ko lekar beth ti thi or dhire dhire ham batte karne lage.

Bhabhi ke bare me batau to..Mmmmmmmm sochte hi mera to khada ho jata he..Boobs(36), kamar (26), gaand (30).. Mene uske bare me soch kar bahot muth marta tha..Ak din unhi batte karte karte mene kaha bhabhi kal to muje nind hi nahi ayi to wo aise mere samne dekhke boli muje bhi nind nai ayi mene bola bhaiya to hote he fir bhi..To wo boli wo to so jate he thake houae hote he to…Me samaj gya ki bhabhi ki chul bhot he chudvane ….Or mene aise hi bola ki bhabhi usme kya app udas hoti he me hu na har roj appke sath batt karke kush to rakhta hu…Or mene bhabhi ka hath pakad liya or usne inkar bhi nai kiya…

Uss rat to muje nind hi nai or mene uske bare me soch kar muth mari…Dusre din bhabhi ke sath bat karta that tab bhabi ku6 lene ke liye ghar me gai or thodi der me muje bulaya ki muje ku6 kam he anadar aaao..Me andar gaya to wo kitchn me ku6 kam karne lagi mene pu6a kya kam he bhabhi??? Wo boli ku6 nai aise hi kam karte karte bore ho jaungi to tumhare sath batt karte karte kam karungi..

Aur ham batte karne lage me to bas bhabhi sexy boobs dekhta tha or wo gora badan man karta tha ki chumlu…Mene wo bat yad dilayi bhabhi appko us din nind kyu nahi ayi sahi batao..Wo boli ku6 nai aise hi..Mene uska hath pakada aur kaha meri ankh me ankh dalke batao sach,,,

Aur usne meri ankho me dekhte dekhte karib anne lagi or kiss kiya…Mene deeeply or lamba kiss kya or gale pe kiss kiyaaa or uski avvaaj ki to abhi bhi gunjti he mere kano me…Ssssssssssssss John….Or mene uska blouse ke button khole or mmmmmmmmmmmmm kya boobs the me to dabane laga or jab mene uske nipple ko chusa to wo chilla gai aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh mene mera ak hath usko kiss karte karte uski panty me jane diya ….Or wo clean chut me mene ungli thrill karne laga or wo bhot hi uttejit ho gai or muje kaske pakad ke kiss karne lagi mene usko bed pe sulaya or sab ku6 nikal diya or uski chut me ak lammmmmmmmmmmbi kiss ki….Or wo madhos ho gai..Or boli mmmmmmmmmmmsssssshhhhhhhhhh John aur chuso….Bad me usne mera 7 inch ka land hath me le ke hilane lagi or muh me leke chusne lagi……….

Aur boli mmmmmmm kya lund he mene aisa lund kabhi nai dekha…..Or muje uttejit kar diya lund chuske mene usko kas ke pakda or kiss karke bed pe sula diya or uski tange open ki or mera lund uski chut pe rakhke thrill karta tha.

Wo boli kab tak tadpao ge jaldi dal do ab saha nahi jata…….Or mera lund uski chut me jate hi..Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhh……Dhire dalo……Dhire……Bhot dard hota he…..Mene dusra dhhakkka lagaya aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa John,,,,,,,,,,me to chodne laga jor jor se aur wo man bhar ke maje leti rahi mere land ka…..Rukna mat John………..

Bhot dino bad,,,,,,,,,,koi muje a66e se chod raha he .Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..Aaaaaaaaa
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..Chodo…………Mene usko fir doggy style me rehne ko kaha…………Fir pi6e se mene mera lund pura dal diya or wo bad ko pakad ke chikkne lagi uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………..Bhaot bada he lund…..
Mene bhot choda use doggy style me …………Wo to jad gai thi par muje abhi chona tha to mene usko side me sula diya or side se uski ak tang meri tang pe rakhke najdik liya or dhire se lund uski chut me………………Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….John fat jayegi meri chut…….Ahhhhhhhhh o bolti rahi or chikti rahi me chodta hi raha…….Me jadne wala tha …..Mene pu6a bhar 6odu ki andar hi 6odu,,,,,,,,,,,,,wo boli bhar hi 6od do……….Me ne uski chut par jad diya…………..Or wo mere lund ko muh me leke chusne lagi………..Phir ham bed pe so gaye.

Wo meri chest pe sir rakh ke so k muje kiss karne lagi or boli i love u John ,,,,,,,,,,,,muje aise chodna har roj……….Me tumhare bager nahi reh sakungi,,,,,,,,,,or mene bhi use kiss kiya or so gaye……….Sam hone vali thi to ham ne sath me sawor liya or bhot kiss ki fir me ghar chala gya…………..Fir hamara haroj routin hogya………College se akke dopahr ko bhabhi ke sath………Mmmmmmm or 1 month ke bad bhai ki badali ho gai or wo chale gaye….Usne mera number liya tha to wohh kabhi kabhi batt kar leti he………,ajj bhi usko chdke man kar raha he……..:-) i hope appko meri ye kahani a66i lagi hogi…….Have a nice day……Aur a66e se muth maro / chut me ungli karo………..Thank you..:;-)

Jo bhi ladki or bhabhi ko ye kahani pasand ayee wo muje contact kare

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bhabhi Ke Sath Wo Hasin Raat

Hi dosto…
This is Mahesh dodiya from Surat.
This is my first story when i was in hostel at Anand ye 6 saal pehle ki story hai meri aur mere hostel ke warden ki biwi ki….

Ye baat aaj se 6 year pahele ki hai jab me hostel me apni graduation kar raha tha hamari hostel me ek aadmi rehta tha jo hamare hostel ki dekhbhal karta tha. Wo hamare hi hostel ki ground floor ke room me rehta tha apni biwi ke sath….

Uski biwi dikhne me bahot beautiful thi ek dum maal lagti thi uski figure 36 26 36 thi. Kasam se wo koi kyamat hi thi. Mene soch liya tha ki ispe ek baar to try karna hi hai. Meri uske sath achchi patati thi kyu ki me jyadatar college me bunk marta tha and hostel ke room me hi pada rehta tha. Isi wajah se me jyada time apne room me hi bitata tha. Wo bhi mujse achchi tarha se baat karti thi. Jab bhi wo kapde lene hostel ki chat par aati thi tab me usse baat karta tha because mera room last floor par tha and us time me chat par chal jata tha usse baat karne ke liye….

Ek baar summer vacation me apne ghar par nahi jaa paya tha because me apni ek entrance test ki preparation kar raha tha and pura hostel khali tha just hum 3 log hi the hostel me. Summer vacation ki vajah se pure city me koi bhi dining hall khula nahi tha isiliye mene bhabhi se bola ki kya me unke waha khana kha sakta hu. To unhone muje ha bola unke waha khana khane ke liye.& afternoon me hamesha me aur bhabhi sath me khana khane lage because unke husband job pe jate the….

Ek baar uske pati ko kaam ki wajah se dusri city me jana pada. Wo raat ko lotne wale the. Us din uske pati ne muje bola ki uski biwi ka khayal rakhe kyu ki use aate aate sayad adhi raat ho jane wali thi. Mene kaha thik hai….

Us din uska pati raat ke 12 baj gaye phir bhi nahi wapas nahi aaya tha to bhabhi ne muje bola please tum aaj mere kamre me so jana mene bola thik hai. Wo raat mere liye bahot hi rangeen hone wali thi kyu ki bhabhi ka kamra thoda chhota tha and waha pe sirf ek hi bed tha isliye unhone muje bed pe lita ke khud niche so gayi thi jo baat muje achchi nahi lagi so mene unse kaha aap bed pe so jaye me niche so jauga par wo nahi mani so baad me humne decide kiya ki hum ek hi bed pe so jate hai kyu ki meri aur bhabhi ki achchi patati thi isiliye wo maan gayi…

Waise unke sath me main kafi khul ke baat karta tha because hum din me almost 1 hour sath me bitate the. Hum har tarha ki bate karte the like abt my girlfriends and sex etc…

Hum dono ek bed pe so gaye the. Bed pe jyada jagah nahi thi isiliye hamare badan aapas me touch ho rahe the isi liye mera lund khada ho gaya tha and muje bhi pata tha ki bhabhi jag rahi hai….

So mene socha ki aisa mauka kaise jane du to mene apne hath unke badan pe touch karna suru kiya. Mene pehle unki kamar pe hath rakh kar sahelane laga kasam se kya makhamali kamar thi uski. Jaise jaise mera haath uski kamar pe touch ho raha tha wiase waise wo angdayi le rahi thi and achanak wo meri taraf mud gayi uska chahera mere chahere ke paas aa gaya…

Wo jag hi rahi thi so mene use pakad ke uske hotho pe kiss kar diya. Hum dono ke hoth ek dusre ke hotho se jud chuke the and hum ek dusre ka ras pi rahe the. 5 min kiss karne ke baad mere hath uske badan pe chalne lage the. Ek hath uski chuchi daba raha tha and dusra hath uski kamar pe ghum raha tha. Isibich usne mere lund ko pakad liya and use hilane lagi. Uska hath lagte hi mera lund ekdum lohe ki tarha ho gaya. Mene uske bol dabana start kiya and uske dusre bol ko suck kar raha tha…

Bahot maja aa raha tha uska dhoodh pine ka. Mere hath uski bhosh tak pahoch gaye the me ek ungli uski chut me dal di thi…Wo ahaaaa ahaaaaa ahaaaa kar rahi thi….

Mane uski awaj sunke exite ho raha tha mene uski chut pe apna muh lagaya aur use chatne laga. Ma kasam kya taste tha uski chut ka. Ab hum 69 position me aa gaye the usne mere lund ko apne mu me le liya tha.15 min tak hum ek dusre ko chatate rahe. Hum ek dusre ke muh me jad gaye ek sath. Usne mera sara cum pi liya. Mene uski chut ka pani piya bahot tasti tha…

Mera jadne ke bad bhi wo mera chatati rahi thodi der me mera phir se khada ho gaya. Mene uske sidha leta diya and uski chut pe apna land laga diya and ek jordar jatka diya to uski chikh nikal gayi sayad usne kai dino se sex nahi kiya tha. Mene uske hotho pe apne hoth rakh diye and use shot lagane laga wo bhi ahaaaaa ahaaaaa ahaaaaa hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm jor se karo ha ahaaaa ahaaaa jor se ahaaaa ahaaaaa…..Waisi avaaje nikalne lagi 20 min chodne ke bad wo jadne wali thi usne kaha ki wo jadne wali hai to mene apne dhakke tej kar diye…Wo ahaaaa ahaaaaa ahaaaaa me gayi ahaaahaaa karke jad gayi me bhi 5 ya 6 dhakko me jad gaya aur uske upar hi let gaya…10 min hum aise hi lete rahe. Uske baad wo khadi huyi and mera muh me leke saaf kar diya and mera sara cum wo pi gayi…Us raat hum ne 3 times sex kiya aur nangge hi ek dusre ki baho me so gaye…

Kaisi lagi meri kahani please muje apna feedback karega…

Monday, February 10, 2014

Viagra Tablet Ne Bhabhi Ko Banaya Mere Lund Ki Malikka

Hello dosto mai Mahesh. sab ladko ki tarah mai bhi apne liye chut ki rani dhund raha tha. Maine mere ghar ki bhabhi ko us najro se nahi dekha tha par yaha stories padhne k baad mai meri widhwa bhabhi Jyoti k baare mai soch kar muth marne laga. Jyoti ek sex pataka lagti hai. Mai exact size nahhi bata sakta par use dekh kar har mard ka lund khada ho jaye aisa figure hai. Mere bhai ka ek car accident mai dehant ho gaya. Yaha k story padh k mai samajh gaya k jo aurat sex ki pyasi hai wo asani se pat jati. Jyoti to meri kafi najdik thii. Wo mujhme apne pati ko dekhti thi. Kehne lagi janeman ab cchud bhi do. Mita do apni bhai ki kamiya.

Mai ab teri patni hu.. Chud de mujhe.. Yeh sunke maraa or khada ho gaya. Maine use litaya or uski tange apni kandho pe le li apne lusnd pe shehad lagaya or uski chut pe lund ragadne laga. Mai use sata raha tha.. Wo chudne ke liye betab thi. Maine achanak se ghusa diya. Use jhataka laga dard mujhe bhi hua par maje k samne wo kuch b nahi tha. Mai siskiya lete hue chud ta raha wo na jane kya kya bake ja rahi thi maine plan banaya. Kafi sochne k baad maine vaigra tablets us karne ka tay kiya.

Hum Puna mai rehte hai meri bhabhi or mere papa and mom. Mai bhabhi ko lekar aksar bahar ghumta tha. Shopping, market k kam se. Maine bhabhi ko unke cold drinks mai viagra dose dene laga. Viagra k wajah se bhabhi garam ho jati or bike pe mujhe unke tight boobs kamaja milta. Dosto aapko bata du viagra se ladki raste k kutte se bhi chudva leti hai.. Bhabhi bhi lund ki talash karti or obviously mai unke aspas hota mai unko baat baat pe yaha vaha chuke tease karta. Dhire dhire wo bhi mujhe touchs karne lagi. Jald baji kam kki nahi thi sahi mouka milne ki rah dekh raha tha. 15 din pehle wo mouka khuda ne de diya. Mere pappa or mummy ek shadi k liye gaon gaye mai or bhabhi ghar akele reh gaye.

Ab aag dono taraf barabar ki thi bas maine tel dalna tha. Mom dad jane k bad maine bhabhi k chehre pe ek naughty se muskurahat dekhi maine bhi unhe wink kar diya. Aaj maine dimaag me than liya ki iski gaand mar k rahunga jo matak matak ke mere lund ko tarsati hai. Maine bhabhi se kaha bhabhi ji aapko to apne deverji ka khayal hi nahi hai. Hum baithe baithe bore ho rahe hai or aap hai ke kitchen me kamm kar rahi hai. Bhabhi ji muskurati hui boli accha ji ab chor kotval ko dantne laga hai. Aap hi apni bhabhi ke taraf dhyan ni dete college mai koi mil gayi hogi aapko. Maine kaha bhabhi college mai to kachi kaliya hoti hai hhume to khile hue phul pasand hai… Or unhe aankh mar di.

Unko maine kaha bhabhi jaan chalo aapki ye shikayat dur kardu chalo aapko ghumakar lata hu. Bhabhi boli bada pyar ar raha apni bhabhi pe aaj. Mai unse flirt karta raha. Wo tayar ho kar aayi. Tight kali net ke sadi ufff uski kali bra se do bade bade aam najar arahe the.. Uski khuyli novel ka to mai divana tha. Man to kiya yahi rape kardu. Par ye maal to mai hi lutne wala tha. 

Maine kaha haye bhabhi aapto gajab dha rahi ho.. Or unko pyarse dekhne kklaga. Fir hum bike pe ghume long drive pe chal haann.. Mast chipak chipak ke baithi thi wo bhi maje lene lagi thi. Aab mujhe raha ni jaraha tha. Hum ek restourant mai gaye order kiya. Bhabhi apne hant dhone besin ki taraf gayi or maine unki cold drink mai viagra dal di. Mere maal ne khana khaya.. Cold drink bhi pi. Hamesha ki tarah garam hone lagi . Fir hum ghar agaye. Mujhe pata tha k wo garam hai. Maine darwaja band kiya or use piche se baho mai kass liya. Or uski nick ko kiss karke uski pith ko chusne laga. Wo resist nahi kar payi viagra ne use bhi sex ka bhuka janvar bana diya. Usne ankh band karli or siskiya lene lagi. Kya batau dosto kya madmast javani thi uski. Mai excite tha, usko mai ab paglo ki tarah kiss kiye ja raha tha. Rasili maal ko chusta ja raha tha. Wo bhi mere lund ko pant ke upar se sehla rahi thi. Ajib sa nasha chad gaya hum dono par. Sne ankhe band karli thi or jor jor se aah he bhar rahi thi. Mai dhire dhire kiss karte hue niche badh rah tha uskiki navvel ko chusne laga uska wo sensitive point tha wo maje me uchal ne lagi. Mujhe usne chut ki taraf dhakela. Mai jindgi mai pehli baar chut sungh raha tha kya khushboo hoti hai dosto kya batau.. Sallo ke pyason k tarah use chatne laga wo moan karne lagi aaahhh raj j pilo mere chut ka rass kitni salon se kisika intajar hai ise aaj khatma kardo meri fridge se shehad la ke uske boobs pe dala or chusne laga wo mast ho gayi .. Usne ankhe band karli thi or jor jor se aah he bhar rahi thi.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bhabhi My Girlfriend

Hi friends, i am mahesh from am i am telling you my my first sex experience which was happened 6 months ago at my cousin brother’s house.agar koi bhabhi,aunty ya ladki mere sath sex kana chahti hai to muje mail kare my id-
Jab meri sem1 ki exams khatam hui thi tab hamare ghar pe mera cousin bhai keval aur uski wife khushbu aye the… tab me pehli bar apni nai bhabhi se mila vo dikhne me ek dam kayamat lagti hai…height 5.6ft ,cup size 36d aur waist 28 hai..meri height 5.11” hai..jab wo mera room dekh rahi thi tab sirf hum dono hi the room me.unho ne tab mujse kaha tha ki unhe jyada height vale men achche lagte hai.mere bhai ki height jyada nahi hai isi liye mai ne pu6a ki keval ki height to jyada nahi hai to fir apne kyu use pasand kiya….ye swal se unka chahers biggad gay…me samaj gaya ki kuch problem hai.muje achcha laga ki bhabhi ne mere sath bat ki….muje wo achchi lagi…sirf is liye nahi ki wo dikhne me achchi thi bt unka nature bhi achcha tha…mera bhai dikhne me jyada achcha nahi tha par bhabhi k papa ko cancer hai aur wo beti ki shadi dekh kar jan chahte the isi liye unho ne ye decision liya tha..
Mere bhai ka ghar bhi ahmedabad me hi hai…shadi k bad unka hamare ghar pe ana jana badh gaya tha..meri aur bhabhi ki kafi achchi jamti wakt mere pass naya phone tha to unho ne kaha ki phone me koi sunder ladki ka contact hoga na?mene ne kaha ki apne abhi tak apka number diya hi nahi..unho ne muje naughty smile di aur apna no. bataya.mene message kar k apna no. bhi de meri himmat nahi hui kabhi chat karne ki kabhi koi message forward karta tha.ek din subah unka message aya good morning ka…

Mene bhi reply kiya…wo age bat karne lagi…mene kaha ki apko sharm nahi ati ghar me pati hai to bhi kisi aur ko message karti hai?unho ne kaha ki wo kaha ghar par rahte hai…akeli bore ho jati hu..maine kaha ki ap books padhiye unho ne kaha ki nahi aj muje kapde lene jan hai..aur sath offer bhi kiya ki chaloge?me khushto hua par bahana kya banaunga ghar pe ye sochne laga unho ne kaha ki aunty se keh de ki auto ki strike ki wjah se muje bike par le ja rahe dupahar ko ghar se nikal kar unke flat k niche wait kar raha tha wo ayi….me to unhe dekhta hi reh gaya.aisi ladki to hamre college me bhi nahi thi…tight jeans aur sleeve less tshirt thi..unke boobs kuch jyada hi bahar lag rahe the..meri bike nayi r15 hai isi liye unhe bethne me problem hui.unko muje pakad na pada.unke boobs muje touch ho rahe the.first time koi ladki meri bike par bethi thi isiliye muje kuch ho raha tha..

Unho ne pu6a kya hua tumhari gf aise nahi baithti?(wo janti thi ki meri koi gf nahi hai)par maine bhi lightly kaha ki aise touch ho kar nahi wo jyada toght pakd k boli kya aise baithti hai?mene pucch ap kyon aise baith raho ho ap meri gf nahi ho na?usne kaha ban jat hu muje kya problem hai.mene kaha ki fir to mai kucch bhi kar sakta hu na..usne mere sir par dhire se mara aur kaha bahot bade ho gaye ho tum…

Hum jab mall me pahoche tab waha bahot se couples ek dusre ke hath me hath daal kar chal rahe the maine bhabhi se kaha ap meri gf ho to apko bhi aisa kana padega…wo itni sexy lagti thi jaise koi college student ho.wo mere se 4saal badi thi…unki thodi tshirts lene k baad unho ne kaha ki muje inners lene hai.mene kaha mai wait karta hu ap le bhabhi ne kaha ki tum mere lover ho to ab ana padega…bhabhi ko pehli bar itna khush dekh raha tha.bhabhi ne kucch select kar ke trial room gai aur muje message kiya ki dekhto kaisi hai ye?jab me trial room ke bahar tha unhone muje andar bulaya..usne jeans k upaa sirf black bra hi pehni thi…mene kaha apka bf hu to kucch bhi kar sakta hu na?wo muskurai.mene unki back pe hath rakh kar meri aur khicha.uskia aankhe band thi maine ek kiss kiya unke lips pe.usne pura sath diya.

Fir me bahar aa gaya.bad me maine unko ghar drop kiya par hau mai se koi kucch nahi bola.mera bhai kevalus din out of town tha to mom ne raat ko kaha ki bhabhi ka call tha..keval ghar par nahi hai aur bhabhi ko dar lagta hai to tuje bulaya hai…mai bhabhi ke ghar chala gaya.wo dinner k bad bedroom me thi me livingroom me tv dekh raha tha ab tak humne baat bhi nahi ki thi..thodi der baad bhabhi ai aur kaha”gautam agar tumhe dikkat na ho to mere sath bed par hi so jao.mene haa keh kar tv dekhne laga.jab me unke room me gaya to bhabhi wahi nighty pahan kar soi thi jo hamne li unki bagal me so gaya.

Thodi der bad unka hath meri chest pe tha muje nind nahi aa rahi thi muje laga wo nind me hai par wo mere samne dekh kar chup raha.usne kaha”mai ek bat kehna chahti hu”mane kaha bolona. usne kaha “keval ne aj tak muj se sex nahi kiya”ye bolte bolte wo rone lagi me ye sun kar dung reh gya keval pahele se bhagwan me manta tha par muje ye nahi malum tha ki wo aisa hoga.bhabhi boli”keval ne kaha hai ki hum 5sal tak intezar karenge”.uso roti dekh maine unhe gale laga diya.wo mere baalo me hath fer rahi thi.maine uski gardan pe kiss kiya wo kucch nahi boli.maine uske hoth par kiss kiya aur uski ankh me dekha.wo bahot khush thi.humne 15min tak lip kiss kiya..

Maine pass mai padi bottle me se pani piya.bhabhi boli muje bhi pina hai.maine bottle di par wo boli aise nahi tumhare muh se.mene pani pi kar uske muh me muje bahot achcha laga.maine uski bra khol di aur uske nipples suck kar ne laga..bahot tasty the uske boobs..ek hath se boobs raha tha aur dusre hath se uski panty nikal raha tha,wo bahot awaj kar rahi thi..wo keh rahi thi aur chuso jaan i love u gautam plz suck it pppllllllzzzzzz.mene unki chut me ek ungli dal di.usne muje kas ke pakda.uski chut bahot tight thi sach me wo virgin thi…uski chut puri gili thi to bhi meri do ungliyan andar nahi ja rahi thi.. me use ungli se chod raha tha uski avaj bahot jor se aa rahi thi wo muj se bhikh mang rahi thi..maine use ed ke corner pe liya aur uski chut chatne laga.wo mera sir uski chut me dal rahi thi..

Wo bahot wild ho gai thi aur muje chodne ko bol rahi thi.par me use tadpa raha tha kyo ki tadap jitni jyada hoti hai maja utna hi jyada aata hai.hum 69 ki position mai the.10min me wo jhad gai.smell achchi nahi thi par me use pi gaya.usne mera lund chus chus ke lohe jaisa bana diya tha.ab maine apna 8inch ka lund uski chut ke pass rakhkha.aur uski chut pe ragadne laga.wo bahot bhikh mang rahi thi”pllllzzzzzzz gautam ab mat tadpao me mar jaungi please”maine bahot koshish ki par lund ander nahi gaya.usne mera lund pakad kar apni chut ke hole par pakad kar rakhkha maine ek jhatka mara to adha lund ander ja chuka tha wo ro rahi thi aaaahhhhhhh bahot dar ho raha hai plz bahar nikalo bt maine ek na suni aur ek jhatka mara.mera pura lund andar tha.wo behosh ho gai thi.maine use kiss kiya aur waise hi 5min raha..mere lund me bhi dard ho raha tha jab use achcha laga tab maine speed badhai aur wo maje lene lagi….

Sare room me puch puch ki awaj aa rahi thi..20min k bad wo jhad gai climax k wakt usne meri pith pe itne nakhun mare ki muje baho dard ho raha bhi turant jhad gaya.wo bahot khush thi.usne muje hug kiya aur i love u kaha.hum itne thake the ki so gaye subah 6 baje wo uthi.usse chala bhi nahi ja raha tha.12 baje keval ane wala tha.hum sath me nahaye aur ek bar aur sex se hmum roz phone sex karte hai aur kabhi hotel aur kabhi uske ghar par sex karte hai..